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Homeowner Rights

The recent foreclosure crisis, which began in the late 2000s, is nowhere near over. Especially in non-judicial foreclosure states like California — where a lender does not have to go through the courts to take your house — banks can move quickly and with very little oversight. With almost unlimited legal resources, the big banks… Read More »

Tort Reform

When it comes to tort reform, attorneys who promote personal injury claims are on one side, while doctors and insurance companies are on the other side. Each side is convinced that their cause is just. Attorneys claim that damage limits and other obstacles deny victims fair compensation, while doctors and insurance companies postulate that damage… Read More »

Saving Money

Every year, more and more seniors are victimized by financial abuse. Phishing scams, telemarketing scams and undue influence in testamentary documents are just a few examples of this financial abuse. The abuser is generally a family member or other trusted individual — yet, it’s usually a family member or trusted individual who reports such abuse…. Read More »

The Starting Line

Starting your own business may be the largest leap of faith you take in your entire career. From finding the right location and obtaining the proper financing to following compliance issues and ensuring the success of day-to-day operations, starting your business can be very overwhelming — especially when factoring deadlines and time constraints. Santa Barbara… Read More »


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