Representing businesses in closing, succession and sales on California’s Central Coast

When a business has not succeeded as hoped and you are ready to move on, or if you want to retire and pass on your business to heirs, partners or others, our lawyers at McCarthy & Kroes have the professional skills and experience to guide you through the complex requirements. By helping you formally dissolve, sell or transfer your business, we help you limit or avoid future liability and exposure to lawsuits.

Business dissolution

A business dissolution lawyer can help sole practitioners, partnerships,  joint ventures, LLCs, corporations and other companies with the closing of their businesses. Business dissolution generally begins when partners or business owners vote to close the business in accordance with the company’s organizational documents, which are usually created upon the formation of a business. Once business owners decide to close a business, it must be officially dissolved, sold, gifted or transferred. Our attorneys assist with all aspects of business closing or transfer:

  • File the appropriate state, federal and employment tax returns
  • Final business accounting and payment of debts and taxes
  • File business dissolution or wind-up forms to officially close the company
  • Cancel permits, licenses and fictitious business names
  • Wind up recent business transactions and operations
  • Sell, gift or transfer and distribute business assets or real estate
  • Plan for liability or future problems stemming from prior or ongoing business operations
  • Dissolution of shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Resolve business dissolution disputes

In many instances, a business sale is preferable to a closing because a business or its assets may have significant value to competitors or others. When you choose to sell your business, our lawyers assist you with all aspects of the buy-sell agreement, negotiating and resolving disputes, and minimizing your exposure to future liability or disputes.

Contested business dissolutions

When partners and other business owners cannot agree on a dissolution plan, our skilled litigators help you negotiate a legally enforceable agreement or sue to compel contested business dissolutions, sales or other closing arrangements. If a business dissolution is contested in spite of contracts developed at formation or during operations, a business lawyer can help you file for breach of contract to force adherence to the terms of the agreement.

Business succession

Business succession is an important aspect of business and estate planning. However, many small businesses fail to plan for the future. At McCarthy & Kroes, our lawyers help with all aspects of business succession in the event of your retirement, death or divorce, a change in the business or business sale. We help you consider all aspects of succession, including estate and tax planning, insurance issues, succession agreements, business reorganization and more. Personalizing our representation to your unique needs and goals, we assist with all types of individually tailored business succession plans:

  • Transfers of business or shares to family members or heirs
  • Buy-sell agreements or buyout by co-owners or partners
  • Charitable trusts
  • Business sale

Contact experienced business lawyers for help with your business dissolution

From our offices near the courthouse in Santa Barbara, our lawyers at McCarthy & Kroes help businesses in Ventura, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo counties plan for and dissolve their companies. To learn more about how we can assist you in minimizing your liability after the closing, sale or transfer of your business, contact us online or call 805.564.2085 today.