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Working or doing business in the entertainment industry can be a complicated nightmare or a profitable undertaking. It depends on whether you have the knowledge and experience to protect your rights and negotiate fair arrangements. At McCarthy & Kroes, a well-qualified entertainment law attorney can provide the legal guidance you need to protect — and profit from — your intellectual property or employment or business arrangement. Through the careful negotiating, drafting and reviewing of contracts — from employment contracts to licensing agreements — our attorneys strive to relieve the stress and confusion you or your company may face and make your entertainment business dealings highly beneficial.

Entertainment law and services

Entertainment law covers all types of media, including television, film, music, publishing, advertising and Internet services. It involves issues such as:

  • Business and commercial contracts and transactions
  • Employment law
  • Agency
  • Advertising
  • Intellectual property
  • Privacy rights
  • The use of public images
  • Defamation

At McCarthy & Kroes, a seasoned business attorney can help individuals and businesses negotiate the complex legal aspects of the entertainment field. We help clients develop profitable licensing and merchandising arrangements for their creative material, including negotiating copyright licenses and trademark purchase agreements. We also help protect all types of valuable intellectual property through technology patent, trademark and copyright registration and enforcement, in addition to the use of nondisclosure, confidentiality and non-compete agreements and other business safeguards and policies.

Entertainment contracts

When conducting business in the entertainment industry, a wide variety of contracts are negotiated and drafted for services and business arrangements. Our lawyers help individuals and businesses develop these contracts to:

  • Protect their rights
  • Enumerate the responsibilities and expectations of the parties involved
  • Provide clear and comprehensive terms to minimize the possibilities of misinterpretation, misunderstanding and disputes

We carefully negotiate, draft and review all types of entertainment contracts:

  • Licensing and merchandising agreements
  • Development contracts
  • Royalty agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Personal service contracts
  • Licensing and publishing agreements
  • Financing agreements

Providing clients with the tools to protect their rights and interests

At McCarthy & Kroes, we help clients protect their valuable rights under entertainment laws through diligent and accessible legal advice and counsel. To schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable attorneys regarding your intellectual property, business or entertainment matters in Santa Maria, contact us online or call 805.564.2085.