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The law firm of McCarthy & Kroes is one of the leading firms in California’s Central Valley assisting clients with civil trials in diverse areas of law. Our civil litigation lawyers represent individuals, businesses, government entities and municipalities in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo and the surrounding communities in virtually all aspects of civil litigation:

Employment issues

Employment disputes are often heard first before a state or federal agency, such as the Fair Employment and Housing Agency (FEHA) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Appeals may be taken within these administrative processes, and in some cases recourse may be had in the courts. Our lawyers assist both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of employment disputes arising in a variety of contexts:

Employment discrimination

Employees are protected against disparate treatment in every aspect of employment due to race, sex (gender), national origin (ethnicity), religion, disability and pregnancy. Depending upon the particular locality, other classes, such as marital status or sexual orientation, may also be protected and grounds for an employment discrimination claim.

Wrongful termination

Unlawful discrimination is not the only basis upon which an employee may bring a claim of wrongful termination. An employee may believe that their termination was based on retaliation for exercising free speech opinions with which the employer disagreed, or for reporting violations of health and safety laws or illegal activity to the authorities, known as whistleblowing.

Sexual harassment

Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature can create a hostile work environment, which may provide the basis for a lawsuit. A hostile environment can be created by offensive comments and jokes, inappropriate touching, or obscene graffiti and printed materials. It can be perpetrated by a supervisor or by peers. Quid pro quo sexual harassment, wherein a supervisor doles out favorable or unfavorable job treatment based on sexual favors, is another form of illegal employment discrimination.

Real estate disputes

Real estate disputes arise in all types of transactions, and our attorneys have the skills and experience to help you seek an efficient resolution through decisive litigation. Our law firm assists with litigation between joint tenants, landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, construction litigation, zoning and land use, and suits for quiet title. We help sue for specific performance of contract terms, including buy-sell agreements and breach of real estate contracts. In addition, we help with all types of property disputes, including those over property lines, boundaries and easements.

Monetary disputes

Money disputes can arise in all types of situations, including in business transactions and buy-sell agreements for business entities, commercial transactions, real estate purchase and sale agreements, employment agreements, HOA assessments, insurance disputes, and even in personal injury settlements. A civil attorney well-versed in litigation and in appeals can guide you or your company through courtroom trials or the successful settlement of a dispute.

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