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Planning for the future and protecting your rights as you and your loved ones age is important, but many people postpone elder planning or fail to enforce their rights until it is too late. At McCarthy & Kroes, our elder law attorneys are committed to helping seniors protect themselves and their loved ones through retirement planning, estate planning, healthcare planning, and representation and planning for long-term care and nursing homes. Through skilled, aggressive representation, we also help the elderly avoid or end abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.

Elder law and long-term planning

Our lawyers guide you through each aspect of your senior planning, helping you understand your rights so you can choose the best option for your unique situation.

Estate planning

Planning for the event of your death or incapacity can be extremely difficult, but it is essential to protect your loved ones, your hard-earned assets and your own health and welfare. If you postpone estate planning until it is too late, you run the risk of others making decisions for you — and others than your intended loved ones receiving your assets.

Through individually tailored, tax-sensitive estate plans, our attorneys help with all your planning needs, including incapacity planning and drafting wills and trusts, advance healthcare directives and financial powers of attorney. By helping you understand your many options and how they affect your loved ones and your assets, we help you achieve your goals and protect your finances and your family.


Healthcare decisions

With a wealth of new medical technologies, we have a wide range of medical treatment options to choose from in most situations. Although medical advances are highly beneficial, they also make it even more confusing for family members and others to make treatment or end-of-life decisions in the event that a loved one becomes incapacitated.

At McCarthy & Kroes, we help you understand your healthcare options and make decisions before you are unable to do so. We help you draft a comprehensive advance healthcare directive — sometimes called a living will or durable power of attorney for healthcare — in which you name a representative to make medical decisions and leave instructions regarding what types of medical treatment you want or do not want in each possible situation.

Medicaid planning

One of the many complicated aspects of elder law and planning is how to pay for long-term health and nursing home care. Medicare provides for only limited long-term care. Because of this, Medicaid planning, known as Medi-Cal in California, is an important aspect of senior planning that can help you obtain the long-term care you may need. However, it is difficult to qualify for Medi-Cal because of strict asset requirements.

Through diligent, advance asset protection and Medi-Cal planning, our attorneys help you qualify for Medi-Cal benefits or plan for other arrangements, including long-term health insurance. Through the use of such tools as irrevocable living trusts, special needs trusts and careful spending-down assets, we help you comply with Medi-Cal laws and meet requirements.

Elder abuse and neglect

In addition to elder planning, our attorneys are devoted to helping seniors and concerned family members stop elder abuse and obtain a wide range of remedies when it occurs. We assist with physical abuse, neglect and financial abuse cases involving family members, friends, con artists and scammers, businesses, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. To learn more about our services, please see our page on elder abuse.

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