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Accidents involving construction vehicles can happen anywhere, from a building site to the streets and highways. Because they involve heavy machinery, construction vehicle accidents often result in severe injuries or the wrongful death of bystanders. At McCarthy & Kroes, a seasoned lawyer can provide the medical and legal knowledge, professional skills and litigation experience to help you recover just compensation after a construction vehicle accident.

Accidents caused by construction vehicles

Using 25 years of legal experience, our attorneys assist with all types of construction vehicle and truck accidents, including accidents involving dump trucks, cranes, earth movers, backhoes, Bobcat utility machines, Caterpillars and other utility vehicles:

Dump truck accidents

Because dump trucks often carry loose materials, they can be especially dangerous. A dump truck accident can occur because of debris flying off the dump truck and striking you or your vehicle, because of negligence by the driver or because of defects in the machine, including a defective truck bed that tilts without warning.

Crane accidents

Whether due to operator error or equipment malfunction, a crane can cause serious damage. For example, overloading or misusing cranes can cause them to tip over, collapse or drop loads, while negligence or inadequate training can cause them to strike people or vehicles, smash buildings or release a load into the public or traffic.

Forklift accidents

A forklift may injure pedestrians for a broad range of reasons:

  • Worker inexperience, lack of tracking or negligence
  • Improper or negligent use
  • Lack of proper tools, attachments and accessories
  • Poor maintenance and advanced age
  • Overloading, improper loading or blocking views
  • Lack of warnings for forklift use
  • Mechanical malfunctions or defects

Bulldozer accidents

As a heavy machine built to knock things down, it is no wonder that a bulldozer can cause serious injuries and fatalities to innocent pedestrians. A bulldozer may have limited visibility, making it easy for untrained, inexperienced or negligent operators to cause a rollover or run over an innocent bystander.

Who is liable for injuries in a construction vehicle accident?

In many cases, the negligence of a driver or operator causes a construction accident. While that driver may be held liable for resulting injuries or fatalities, the construction company or subcontractor who employs the driver may also be liable if the driver was acting within the scope of their employment at the time. The company is also responsible if it failed to provide adequate training, educate the driver on safety, and enforce safeguards.

If poor maintenance caused an accident, the party held liable depends on who is responsible for maintaining the machine and which parties failed to perform their duties of maintenance and inspection. If a defect in the vehicle’s design or manufacture — or failure by a manufacturer to provide adequate instructions and warnings about the use of the machine — cause an injury or fatality, the manufacturer may be held responsible.

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Construction vehicle accidents can cause serious or fatal injuries, from crushed limbs to amputation and head injuries to broken bones. If you were a bystander at a construction site or a driver passing freeway construction and you suffered severe injuries, our lawyers at McCarthy & Kroes can help you obtain the compensation you need. To learn more, contact us online or call 805.564.2085 today for a free initial consultation.