Assisting those injured by the negligence of others

Personal injury lawsuits can arise whenever a person or business entity breaches a duty of care owed to another and an injury results. At McCarthy & Kroes, we have been helping victims of accidents resulting from the negligence of others recover compensation for more than two decades. Among the personal injury cases we handle are:

  • Premises liability — Under the law of premises liability, shopkeepers and property owners must keep their premises free of dangerous conditions that could cause another to trip or slip and fall or otherwise become injured. When they fail to do so, each Santa Barbara personal injury lawyer at our firm is dedicated to helping victims recover compensation. We also represent victims of animal attacks, including dog bites.
  • Head injuries — Head injuries can be severe and long-lasting, resulting in costly medical treatment and bills, ongoing rehabilitation or care and substantial missed work or loss of earning capacity. Our injury attorneys have extensive training in anatomy and experience presenting compelling evidence of the full extent of injuries and medical costs to judges, juries and insurance companies.
  • Back injuries — Back injuries range in severity from whiplash, which causes ongoing pain and suffering, to severe back injury which may result in partial or complete paralysis. Using our knowledge and skills, we help injured victims recover compensation that reflects both immediate and long term harm.
  • Defective products — Product manufacturers must design and manufacture their products to be safe in their intended use, while providing adequate warnings about unsafe uses or other dangers. When defective productscause you injuries or the loss a loved one, our lawyers provide the support you need to obtain just compensation.
  • Wrongful death — An unexpected accident is never more devastating than when it results in the loss of a loved one. Our attorneys provide sensitive, reliable representation to help surviving family members recover compensation in wrongful death actions for funeral costs and the loss of financial support, benefits and services a loved one would have provided.
  • Construction accidents — When an accident occurs on or near a construction site, such as when a pedestrian is struck by scaffolding or electrocuted, the injured victim may be entitled to compensation. In addition to representing victims of construction accidents, our lawyers also assist victims who are injured by construction vehicles.
  • Insurance defense — Our Santa Barbara injury lawyers have spent years representing insurance companies in defending personal injury claims. Our lawyers know how to evaluate claims, prepare a case for trial, anticipate potential defense tactics and achieve a favorable result.

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Under California injury law, you may have just two years to sue for personal injury. In order to protect your rights to compensation, contact an attorney immediately who can properly investigate your case and preserve valuable evidence. For a free initial consultation in Ventura, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, contact McCarthy & Kroes online or call 805.564.2085 today.