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Starting your own business may be the largest leap of faith you take in your entire career. From finding the right location and obtaining the proper financing to following compliance issues and ensuring the success of day-to-day operations, starting your business can be very overwhelming — especially when factoring deadlines and time constraints. Santa Barbara business lawyers can ease the initial licensing process for you and your employees.

In Santa Barbara, “business licensing” actually refers to a large number of items needed to get your business up and running. Attorneys concentrating in business transaction law in Santa Barbara, CA can help ensure your business is in complete compliance with local laws by counseling you on matters regarding:

  • Licenses — Whether you have one employee or one million employees, you must be licensed to do business in Santa Barbara. A license has two basic purposes: uniformity and taxation. Your business must operate in the same way as all other similar Santa Barbara businesses, and it must collect and pay the appropriate taxes. Your business license sets the ground rules for your business operations.
  • Zoning laws — Santa Barbara business lawyers can help ensure your business either initially complies with local zoning laws, or makes provisions for rezoning or other appropriate actions.
  • Building codes — Before you can even obtain a construction permit, your facility’s design must be approved. Once you obtain the permit, the city may conduct random inspections to ensure your facility is safe. After initial construction ends, you may have to go through the entire process again as you expand or renovate. Different laws apply to outdoor restaurants and other specialized businesses.

Santa Barbara business lawyers help make your business more profitable by guiding you through the legal setup process, freeing up your time for more important work. To consult an experienced attorney, contact McCarthy and Kroes and schedule your free consultation.