Personal Injury


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When it comes to tort reform, attorneys who promote personal injury claims are on one side, while doctors and insurance companies are on the other side. Each side is convinced that their cause is just. Attorneys claim that damage limits and other obstacles deny victims fair compensation, while doctors and insurance companies postulate that damage caps are the best way to control insurance costs.

The latest battleground is the valuation of medical claims. Should victims be entitled to the actual amount of their medical bills, or only the amount they actually pay after settling with the providers? As far as Santa Barbara injury lawyers are concerned, this debate has a tremendous impact on your personal injury claim in Santa Barbara.

When you buy a car from a dealer, you probably do not pay the sticker price. The sticker price is just a starting point to determine the sales price. Lawsuit settlement negotiations work the same way. If you start with $50,000 in medical bills as a “sticker price,” as opposed to $100,000, your potential recovery will be much lower because of the lower opening figure.

Generally speaking, most people tend to favor tort reform laws until their lives are touched by a devastating negligent injury that carries physical, economic and emotional consequences. A personal injury attorney can help force the responsible parties to pay for your injuries.

To learn how tort reform affects your life, or if you have questions regarding your own personal injury claim in Santa Barbara, contact McCarthy and Kroes today.